Easy readings in Italian

If you would like to refine or maintain your reading skills in Italian but are frustrated by the difficulty of some of the texts that are available online, you might want to try one of the following websites:

  • “Dueparole.it. Mensile di facile lettura”. There are 20 issues available for viewing and/or downloading. It appears that no issue has been published since 2006, and there are no reading comprehension activities – just short articles reporting on news items in a very simple language. http://www.dueparole.it
  • “Altafrequenza”. Similar to “Dueparole”, in that this site also offers short articles on current affairs, in plain language. Last issue available also dating back to 2006. http://www.alta-frequenza.it/
  • “Comprensione di testi” blog: offers reading comprehension exercises at various levels of difficulty. Most texts are taken from articles published in Italian newspapers, to which vocabulary lists have been added, although there are some easier texts that have been written for the site. The URL is http//comprensioneditesti.blogspot.com

Some website offering activities for learners of Italian as a second language have several reading comprehension activities. You might want to try:

There are also specialised magazines for students of Italian (requiring paid subscription but providing a free issue as a sample), offering reading comprehension activities as well as audio versions of the articles recorded by native speakers:



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